How to Make Your Jeep Stand Out

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Half the fun of owning a Jeep is making it your own. The other half is getting it covered in mud. Jeep enthusiasts love to modify their vehicles to make them look one-of-a-kind and to increase their off-roading abilities.

If you just picked up a new 4×4 from your local Jeep dealer and you’re thinking up ways to make it unique, there are plenty of possibilities.

Here are just a few recommendations that can help you make your ride stand out. And you can find many more if you explore Jeep sites and forums online.

Rock a Flag

Showing off your patriotic pride is a classic way to enhance the look of your Jeep. The stars and stripes are an eye-catching addition, and they also embody the freedom that Americans and Jeepers love.

But you don’t have to stick with just one kind of flag. Fly one from your family’s country of origin or even order a flag with the Jeep logo.There are a number of ways to mount them. Some people put the pole directly into the door hinge. Others use the pre-existing hole on the top of their rear-mounted spare.

You can also attach a smaller flag right onto a CB antenna. And if you’re really looking to add some flare, some companies offer the antennas themselves in different color schemes.

Choose a Tire Cover

Finding the right tire cover to represent your personality is an affordable and easy way to customize your Jeep. Whether you’re a flower-loving hippie, a diehard off-roader, a beach bum, or a Starbucks fanatic, you can find a cover to make just about any statement.

And the great thing is, they can be easily swapped. So if you’re feeling despondent about the breakup of your favorite band, you can take their name right off the back and slap on something else.

Throw on Some Stickers

Decals and bumper stickers are another simple, cheap way to personalize your Jeep. Opt for something existential or find a witty sticker that will make the guy behind you chuckle.

Go with the classic: “It’s a Jeep thing. You wouldn’t understand.” Or poke fun at that recent dent you got with one that reads: “‘Tis but a scratch.” Whatever message you decide to send, your Jeep is bound to be the one that gets recognized around town.

Add a Few Battle Wounds

Speaking of dents, one tried and true way to set your Jeep apart is to bring it home with its own set of scratches and dings. There’s no way anyone else will have the exact same bumps and bruises as your off-roader.

And the stories behind it are the best part. When someone asks how your door got beat up, you’ll be able to back your newly rugged look with a tale of heroic proportions.

Get a Custom Paint Job

A custom paint job is the perfect way to put your Jeep in a class of its own. Keep it simple with some complementary side stripes or go big if you’re feeling wild. Pink camo is a great choice for lifelong Jeeping ladies. Some flames can add a hardcore touch. Or you can come up with a totally original design yourself.

Just make sure you do your research and find a shop that specializes in custom finishes. When all is said and done, you want your Jeep looking 100% awesome.

Buy New Bumpers

Getting aftermarket bumpers is also a way to beef up your Jeep. Not only will they give your 4×4 a more aggressive appearance, they’ll also enhance your off-roading capabilities by giving your Jeep extra protection.

And if stronger off-road performance is what you’re aiming for, you might even want to invest in a bumper mod kit that comes with heavy duty tow hooks and a winch. Then they’ll be no mistaking your Jeep for a daily commuter. Its intimidating looks will turn heads and let people know that you have a passion for hitting the trails.

Install a Lift Kit

Another way to increase your Jeep’s capacity for handling any challenge is to install a lift kit. If you’re aiming mostly for appearance, you can find relatively inexpensive block lifts that make room for larger, tougher tires.

But if you’d like to gain some additional clearance as well, you should research the best suspension lift for your Jeep. With it, you’ll be able to fit more rubber, and you’ll boost your ride height.

Some people tackle lift kit installation themselves, especially if they have some solid experience with vehicle modifications. However, if you’re new to the game, it’s best to find a shop that specializes in Jeep mods.

Suspension lifts can cost several hundred dollars, so you want to make sure the job gets done correctly. There may also be follow-up alterations involved so your Jeep can perform properly with the lift. And remember that going big looks cool, but going too big can throw off your Jeep’s center of gravity and make it unsafe. If you’re not sure how many inches to add, consult an expert.

Pick Out New Wheels

Spicing up your wheel design is sure to draw some attention. There are numerous styles available, ranging from serious industrial looking wheels to clean retro designs. Most come in black or varying metallic shades. Just remember that not every tone is going to look right with every finish.

If your Jeep happens to be bright green, sleek black wheels might look better than shiny silver ones. A lot of it will come down to your personal taste.

Dress Up the Interior

While there are lots of sharp mods you can do to upgrade the exterior of your 4×4, it’s also fun to deck out the cabin and impress yourpassengers. You can find a unique shifter, add flashy trim covers to the door handles and vents, install your own accent lighting, and put in heavy duty, contoured floor mats.


The possibilities are endless, and you’ll be able to enjoy all of the details every time you’re behind the wheel.