How-to Remove and Install the Soft-Top on Jeep Wrangler

January 9th, 2018 by

As the brand known for taking people to where they need to go regardless of terrain, Jeep has always been a popular vehicle among surfers. To make the relationship between the Jeep brand and surfers a little more solid, the Jeep brand partnered up with the World Surf League a few years back and the partnership has been growing ever since.

Recently, a couple pro surfers, Courtney Conlogue and Malia Manuel, worked with Jeep to make a few videos showing the step-by-step process of how to remove and install a Jeep Wrangler’s soft-top.

How-to Remove the Soft Top

Removing the Soft Top is a bit easier as it requires a lot of unzipping and minimal heavy lifting.

  • Step One
    • Release the header latches by unclipping the sun visors and leave it open for the moment
  • Step Two
    • Remove the swing gate bar by opening the swing gate and side panels
  • Step Three
    • Unzip and remove the rear window panel
  • Step Four
    • Expose the side window panel zipper by opening up the velcro and then unzip to remove them
      • Tip: Store panels vertically to avoid scratching
  • Step Five
    • Untuck the sail panels from the corners and fold them on the top
  • Step Six
    • Fold down the soft top in a “W” shape and make sure to carefully secure it before driving
  • Step Seven – Final Step
    • Secure the side bows using the velcro straps

How-to Install the Soft Top

  • Step One
    • Release the header latches underneath the sun visors from the loops on the windshield frame
  • Step Two
    • In order to install the rear door rails, insert the door frame pin into the hole located at the top of the body side behind the rear door opening
    • Soft top will later click to each door frame
  • Step Three
    • Position and push the top of the door frame onto the metal sport bar
  • Step Four
    • In order to clip the front of the door rail over the sidebar, put the front of the door frame in the rubber seal located at the top of the windshield
  • Step Five
    • Secure and tighten both knobs, starting with the front first, and repeat for both sides.
  • Step Six
    • Loosen the rear sunrider straps and carefully raise the side bows up and forward until it reaches the windshield then lock in place
  • Step Seven
    • After raising the soft top from the rear, slide it all the way forward until it locks.
    • Flip down the Header Latches and insert into the windshield slots – do not close the Header Latches yet.
  • Step Eight
    • Carefully pull the Sail Panels, at the rear of the vehicle, over the Four Bow. Then, slide them forward into the rear
  • Step Nine
    • Using the velcro edge, secure the top rear corner of the rear quarter window into place. Zip the window open about two inches starting at the forward edge.
  • Step Ten
    • To install the back windows, zip the window completely closed and put the velcro cover back in place. Repeat for the other side
      • Tip: Before zipping the window, tuck in the door rail retainer. Then, turn and tuck the “U” shaped slot into the c-pillar groove
  • Step Eleven
    • While making sure the Sail Panels are somewhat released, set the Rear Window in the Swing Gate and zip from the left side first.  
  • Step Twelve
    • Roll the swing gate bar back into the brackets
      • Tip: To help tuck the rear window retainers into the tailgate retainers and sail panels into the body side, pull down on the four bow.
  • Step Thirteen – Final Step
    • Close the header latches and clip the sun visors in place

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