Iconic Jeep FC Recently Found in Arizona

December 29th, 2015 by


You never know the vehicles you’re going to come across as you’re traveling throughout America. One person who has seen their fair share of unique vehicles is Ralph Gilles, an automotive executive. Luckily for all of us, the enthusiast posts these rare finds to his social media accounts, allowing us to all appreciate the unique cars.

Sure, you may be able to find a Jeep Wrangler anywhere in Miami, but let’s take some time to appreciate some of the brand’s lesser-known vehicles…


It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that Gilles, the former head of the Street and Racing Technology group and the current Head of Design for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, it an automobile enthusiast. The 45-year-old’s Instagram account is a must-follow for any car fan, as the executive consistently comes across rare and hard-to-find vehicles (which he subsequently posts a photo of). Recently, Gilles discovered a lesser known Jeep: the 60’s-era Jeep Forward Control (affectionately known as the Jeep FC).

Gilles came across the bright red vehicle in Arizona, and based on what he knows about the nameplate, he predicted that the vehicle is around 60 years old. Therefore, it’s quite surprising that the FC was in such good condition, as the Jeep clearly looks like it’s been taken care of. As Paulo Acoba of ArtOfGears.com writes, the only customization appears to be the inclusion of “pinstriping on the front bumper.” Otherwise, it appears that the FC features many of its original parts.

Tom Joslin of Jalopnik.com describes the unconventional Jeep as “cool, rare, and affordable.” The FC earned its name from the “cab-over design,” and the Jeep was originally available as the FC170 (featuring a longer wheelbase) or the FC150 (featuring a shorter wheelbase). While the vehicle was officially designed by Brook Stevens, Joslin is quick to point out that the vehicle is actually built on top of a CJ-5.


The vehicle is certainly cool and a bit unusual, but what truly makes Gilles discovery remarkable is how rare the FC currently is. Joslin writes that there were around 30,000 of the Jeeps created during the nine-year production run, and many of these vehicles were often run into the ground. Furthermore, the “oddball status” meant owners weren’t hanging on to the FC once it got older, and that means it’s rather difficult to come across the vehicle in 2015.

Although the vehicle is relatively rare, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to acquire… assuming you can actually find one. Joslin writes of an Ebay listing of an FC which asks for $3,352. Of course, since the vehicle was built during the 1950s, we’re confident that it needs a whole lot of work. Still, it’s an encouraging sign that you can secure such a beloved vehicle without breaking the bank.


We can take three things away from this story: it’s great that the rare FC’s aren’t particularly expensive, Ralph Gilles is a must-follow on Instagram, and Jeep has continued to produce popular and interesting vehicles.

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