Jeep Wrangler Lifts – Things to Know

Jeep® Wranglers are already built tough for off-road excursions. Every model comes in four-wheel drive and they come standard with a powerful 3.6-liter V6 engine. However, many Jeep lovers still like modifying their Jeep to even further increase off-road capability while adding a badder and meaner look to it. With that being said, if you are a Jeeper or planning on joining the Jeep family, it is important to know about lifts and how they function along with the different options.

About Lifts, Types of lifts and Benefits

There are different reasons people get lifts. One reason is to add to the capability of the Jeep. The higher a vehicle is from the ground, the higher the vehicle’s ground clearances and angles, so it has increased capability for rock climbing, water fording and going through mud. Another reason people lift their vehicle is for style and personalization. You would be surprised, many lifts are just for looks, but don’t actually add capability. Learn more about three of the most common lifts:

A body lift is debatably the most popular lift option. Generally, it doesn’t add a capability to the Jeep, but it adds a lot of style. If you are just looking for a small lift, shocks can be added to the Jeep for around $200 and will lift the body 1 to 3-inches. If you want higher than that, a lift 3-inches and above come with a new suspension, which adds to the price. These kits add style and also allow for bigger and badder tires on your Jeep.

Then there is the budget Lift. This lift is done by adding coil spring spacers to your Jeep. Once again, this lift is for style and allows for larger tires (just slightly in this case). This isn’t the favorite option for many as it is a cheaper option that adds very little lift to the vehicle.

Small/large performance lift kits are where you start dropping some cash, but if you want added capability and are an adventurous off-roader, this is the option for you and it is well worth the money. A small lift kit qualifies as one 3-inches or smaller and a large lift 4-inches or higher. You can pretty much go as high as you want when it comes to lifts, it all depends on the tire size you want to add and how much capability you need. Generally, these lift kits come with a suspension and coil springs. Some more expensive packages may even come with the bigger wheels/tires.

Mopar Lifts

When choosing a lift kit, the best brand to choose from for your Wrangler or Ram is Mopar. Mopar is a custom part company for FCA vehicles like Ram and Jeep, which means it is the most trustworthy company to buy from for your Jeep. There are currently seven different Mopar lift kit options available:

  • Mopar 4” lift kit with Fox Remote Reservoir shocks
  • Mopar stage I 2” lift kit with Fox shocks (for JK Sport models)
  • Mopar stage I 2” lift kit with Fox shocks (for JK Unlimited models)
  • Mopar performance 2” lift kit with Bilstein shocks
  • Mopar performance 2” lift kit with performance shocks
  • Mopar performance 4” lift kit with performance shocks
  • Mopar performance 4” lift kit with Bilstein shocks

Things to Keep in Mind with Lifts

Just as there are with any modifications, there are some things to keep in mind when adding a lift to your Wrangler.

  • Some lift kits may void the warranty, so make sure to double check your lift kit with your warranty before installation.
  • The higher the lift the higher the cost.
  • Lifting a vehicle decreases its fuel economy
  • Unless you know what you are doing trying to install a lift kit DIY is not advised. Once a lift kit has been added to a vehicle, it’s computer has to be re-programmed.
  • Also, the higher the lift kit the rougher the ride.

Cost of a Lift

The cost of a lift kit depends on several factors. The type of lift, size of lift, and items in the kit. The cost for new tires and rims also varies.

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