What We Know About the 2016 Dodge Durango

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The 2016 Dodge Durango isn’t going to hit the market for some time. As a result, we haven’t gotten too much information on the upcoming SUV (the Dodge website still features the 2015 model). Luckily, Bengt Halvorson of TheCarConnection.com got to sit behind the wheel of the impressive vehicle, and we’re going to pass along that information to you!

The vehicle ultimately earned an impressive 8.4 rating from the website, earning either ‘eights’ or ‘nines’ in interior/exterior, comfort and quality, features, performance, and safety. This is mighty high praise, and it seems like a potential car buyer should certainly be considering the Durango.

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It’s Going to Look Nice


You’re not going to find many other three-row SUVs that are as good looking and luxurious as the upcoming Durango. Halvorson commended the design, noting that the engineers combined “some of the traditional, with a good dose of contemporary sculpting.” This is a far cry from previous Durango designs, as previous engineers produced a “rugged-looking truck with a wagon body” instead of a stylish SUV. While SUVs are generally regarded as being either boxy and “homely,” the 2016 model added a splash of contemporary styling to go along with the standard sports utility vehicle look.

Halvorson notes that the monochrome treatments and dual exhaust help make the exterior more sporty, while the LED racetrack lights (192 individual lamps surrounding the exterior) modernize the SUV.
Meanwhile, the large crosshair grille helps the vehicle retain its SUV roots, as does a body design that was described as “just boxy enough without looking slab-sized.” New wheel finishes will be included on the 2016 model, and the SUV is available in four colors (Red Pearl, Luxury Brown, Light Brownstone and Ivory Peral Tri-coat).

Head to the inside, and you’ll find a “soft, flowing dash” that features a sizeable touchscreen and metallic rings surrounding the controls. The writer also notes that the “leather upholstery, woven red inserts and red stitching, and white trim rings on the dials” were “tastefully” included, making the SUV feel more like a luxury vehicle.

If drivers wanted to add a level of intimidation to their Durango, they can add the new Brass Monkey Appearance Package, which includes “Burnished Bronze wheels, gloss black grille, and body-color details.”

Ignore the style for a moment, and you’re still looking at a comfortable and roomy ride. The three rows mean you can fit in a number of passengers, and you can be assured there won’t be any complaining regarding leg or head room. Halvorson notes that the Durango shared the unibody architecture of the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Mercedes GL-Class and M-Class, making for a significantly roomier interior than previous models.

It’s Going to Offer Plenty of Technology


You’ll get your fair share of technological features included in the upcoming Durango. Like most vehicles, it starts with the standard five-inch (or available 8.4-inch) touchscreen, which offers the latest generation of the Uconnect Access Via Mobile system. This means you can access many of your phones basic capabilities, including some of the apps. You can also use the extensive navigation system and SiriusXM radio (which includes Tune Start, which will start your favorite song from the beginning). You can access all of these capabilities either the drag and drop menu bar or the sound of your voice. With Siri Eyes Free technology (compatible with Apple iPhone), you’ll never even have to take your eyes off the road.

The passengers can enjoy the dual-screen Blu-ray/DVD system, which offers two high-resolution nine-inch screens that are accompanied by HDMI and RCA inputs. This means passengers can connect whatever HDMI media they want, including a video game system. The system also includes wireless headphones, meaning the parents won’t have to overhear whatever the kids are watching. Passengers can also take advantage of their Wi-Fi hot spot, meaning they can take their work on the road.

It doesn’t stop there, as the Durango includes a number of innovative safety features. The forward collision warning system with crash mitigation will anticipate a potential accident and apply the brakes. Meanwhile, the adaptive cruise control will keep your car a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you.

In the case of an emergency, the driver and passengers can be assured that help is on its way. The Uconnect Access will connect the occupants with police, fire or ambulance services with the push of the ‘9-1-1’ button. If the driver pushes the ‘ASSIST’ button, they’ll get help from either the FCA US roadside assistance provider or the Vehicle Customer Care Center.

The 2016 Durango ultimately earned a four-star overall rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, with a four-star rating in frontal crash and five stars in side crash. Rear-drive models earned four stars on the rollover rating, and the all-wheel-drive earned three stars.

Finally, the theft alarm notification means your car will constantly be protected from thieves. In the event of a break-in, immediate text message or email alerts will be sent to the driver (as well as four other friends or family members).

It’s Powerful and Capable


Considering the stylish and luxurious design, you’d expect the Durango to have an underwhelming engine (with vicarious underwhelming capabilities). Halvorson writes that the SUV has the “towing ability of a truck” and the performance of a crossover, meaning the Durango may offer one of the most unique driving experiences in the class.

The 3.6-liter V6 engine offers an impressive 290 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque, and the writer notes that the unit feels stronger than the same-sized V6 found in some of the brand’s crossovers (he attributes the difference the Pentastar’s “stout mid-rev performance”). When coupled with the eight-speed automatic transmission, the Durango can easily deliver a 20 combined mile per gallon fuel efficiency.

If you plan on using your SUV for some heavy hauling (yes, that’s right), Halvorson suggests opting for the 5.7-liter Hemi V8 engine. Not only does it offer excellent “stoplight launches and interstate cruising,” but it also has an impressive (but unreported) towing capacity, one we’d expect to compete with rival vehicles.

Furthermore, the suspension and steering were both commended by the writer, just adding to the already-impressive driving experience. He notes that it’s “reassuring and stable” in the city and on the highway, and although it doesn’t contain an air suspension, it still offers a “very well-damped ride.” The steering system means the driver can maneuver and easily handle the large vehicle while driving at low speeds.

It’s Affordable


Considering all of the included amenities, the 2016 Durango SXT comes in at $30,495, followed by the SXT AWD ($33,095), Limited ($36,995), Limited AWD ($39,595), Citadel ($41,295), R/T ($41,995), Citadel AWD ($43,895) and R/T AWD ($44,495).

Even if you opt for the fully-equipped R/T all-wheel drive, you’re still receiving a reasonable deal. Considering the prices of less capable SUVs on the market, the nearly $45,000 price tag isn’t outrageous at all!

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