Latest Facts On the Newest Jeep Three-Row SUV

March 14th, 2019 by
FCA Jeep Kendall Dodge
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Jeep has a new vehicle set to debut within the next few years, but up until this week, much of the vehicle had been kept a secret. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), the parent company of Jeep, is well-known for not commenting on vehicles currently in production, however, that doesn’t mean news can’t escape out from time to time. The latest example of this would be this week’s news. Allegedly, the unspecified three-row model is expected to be valued as more expensive than a Grand Cherokee, but less expensive than the Grand Wagoneer also set to be released within a couple of years.

Newest Jeep Vehicle Is Still Under Wraps

New vehicles from a brand as respected as Jeep will draw attention. As fans and auto lovers the world over want to know where and when a new product will be released, Mike Manley, CEO of FCA gave a rare statement about the upcoming Jeep three-row vehicle. Regarding the slot placement of the future Jeep line-up, Manley had this to say.

One is the large SUV segment. There are relatively few competitors in there, but it could be a great segment for Jeep, and we’ll bring back the Grand Wagoneer at that time. Then the second is a three-row Jeep, which will technically play in the same segment as Grand Cherokee. Roughly 60 percent of that segment is three-row, so Grand Cherokee has really only played in 40 percent. That will open up that part of the segment for us,” Said Mike Manley, CEO of FCA.

Jeep Lineup Grows In Size

The future of Jeep will include this unnamed Jeep vehicle, expected to rival the Ford Explorer, Chevrolet Traverse, and Honda Pilot The five-seat Grand Cherokee is the lone large SUV currently that is competing against those vehicles. As the market has grown towards customers opting to drive SUVs, there are plenty of choices. Jeep does offer new SUV choices and will look to expand its variety in the coming years. In fact, Jeep has plans to take up to 20 percent of the global utility market within the next several years with all their latest upcoming vehicles.

Not only will Jeep look to add new vehicles like the unnamed Jeep SUV, the return of the Grand Wagoneer and Wagoneer are also a welcome sight for those that want a Jeep. Jeep, after all, is known for its off-roading abilities, giving owners a sense of adventure. For those seeking the thrill of driving a Jeep vehicle, we know where to go for a test-drive.

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