New Dodge Lineup Getting Brighter in 2017

September 21st, 2016 by


How do you show people a car is powerful without making a noise or lifting up the hood? Paint it in a bold and bright color. That’s what Dodge does. Just as loud as the roaring engine under the hood of a new Dodge Charger or Challenger is the colorful assortment of exterior paints.

Bright colors on muscle cars were fairly common back in the muscle car era, and Dodge has maintained that trend on today’s modern muscle. Since 2015, Dodge began tapping into their old archives of bright colors and offering them as a limited-edition colors on new Dodge Challenger and Chargers.

This year the limited-edition color is ‘Go Mango,’ and 2015’s limited-edition color, ‘Plum Crazy,’ was in such high demand that Dodge extended special orders for an additional few months. Other memorable HIP colors include Top Banana, HEMI Orange and Panther Pink and Sublime Green.

For the upcoming model year, two classic Dodge models are coming back and so are two colors from the Dodge archives. Along with the re-introduction of the new Dodge Challenger T/A and Dodge Daytona models, the all-new Green Go and a revised Yellow Jacket hues will hit the market.

However, the 2017 model year colors available on all new Dodge vehicles, may not all be new, but their names will be. Each of the 24 colors that is available on select models, including the Grand Caravan, Journey and Durango, will have new names that are derived directly from the brand’s colorful muscle-car era heritage.

As the leaves become more colorful this fall, the Kendall Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram will also become more colorful as the next model year vehicles will be available before winter. If you are searching for a colorful new Dodge, you can search our available Dodge inventory here.

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