New Jeep Wagoneer S Luxury SUV Has Arrived

May 29th, 2024 by

Wagoneer S Kendall Dodge
Want to see a new, luxurious Jeep ride like the new Jeep Wagoneer S? What’s even more impressive is the process of building the ride and what comes with the new facilities making each Jeep vehicle. Underpinning a number of future Jeep models with eight in total through 2026, will be the STLA (pronounced “stella”) Large platform. This is the future for the newly built Jeep SUV lineup that includes luxury and a new one is primed and ready in the Jeep Wagoneer S SUV. This modern and futuristic platform is useful today and designed for BEVs, the platform also can support hybrid and internal combustion engine powertrains. It will support full-size vehicles in the D and E segments, including cars, crossovers and SUVs. Typically, it would take two to three platforms for all of the applications STLA Large will handle going forward.

“If you want a curve-hugging, track-ready performance vehicle, a smooth-riding luxury car or a rock-clearing off roader. We’ve addressed these needs within the platform.” Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis said.

The new platform includes a maximum ground clearance of 11.3 inches, and a maximum tire diameter of 32.6 inches. Vehicles can stretch 15 feet, 7.6 inches to 16 feet, 9.8 inches in length and from 6 feet, 2.7 inches to 6 feet, 7.9 inches in width. This will mean spacious rides for owners.

Under the Vehicles Of the New Platform

We can expect to see only the finest offerings made by Jeep and parent company Stellantis in regard to where the legendary brand builds off of and goes next. The Wagoneer, Wagoneer S, Grand Wagoneer S, Grand Cherokee L, and more, the list grows regarding the Jeep luxury SUV line-up!

“In terms of R&D and (capital expenditures), the efficiency of this platform to cover a significant part of foreign brands, footprint and model footprint is going to be employed, which means that with one platform you are going to be distributing the cost of one platform. … Depreciation per unit of that platform is going to be much smaller than in previous cases” said Marc Issner, global engineering head of the platform.

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