Pursuing a New Car? Why You Should Opt for a Dodge Durango

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So, as a car buyer, you’ve established that you want a Dodge. Ah, if only it was that easy.

The ageless brand continues to produce a wide variety of impressive vehicles, whether they be sports cars, SUVs, or sedans. Choosing among the seven options can be intimidating, as each of the models delivers its own specific features and capabilities.

However, if you’ve established what type of vehicle you want to pursue, your decision will be a whole lot easier. Say you’re seeking a high-end SUV. In that case, you’re going to want to shop for a 2016 Durango.

The vehicle has been produced by the company since the late 1990s, and the nameplate has truly established itself as one of the best SUVs on the market. If you’re anticipating a trip to a Dodge dealer in Miami, find out what you can expect from the all-new Durango…

Roomy, Customizable Interior


If you’re opting for an SUV, you presumably have prioritized cargo space on your list of features. If that’s the case, you won’t be disappointed with the 2016 Durango. The vehicle delivers 84.5-cubic-feet of cargo room, and the rear seats can be manipulated (via the 60/40 fold-and-tumble second row and 50/50 split-folding third row) for optimal storage area. We doubt that you’ll consistently need to fit the maximum seven occupants into your Durango, meaning you shouldn’t have any issues fitting all of your luggage.

Of course, you’re also going to want some level of comfort from your new ride. The front seats come with an available heated and ventilated eight-way power seat, and the three-zone automatic temperature zone will adapt the heat or air to cater to each specific occupant. The rear passengers won’t miss out either, as a system behind the center console will allow the occupants to manipulate the air.

The driver can’t do much to change how their interior operates (and why would they), but they will have a say over how the cabin looks. Buyers can opt for one of nine materials to adorn their seats:

Carolina black mesh cloth
Carolina light frost beige mesh cloth
Nappa axis II perforated black leather (with light slate gray accent stitching)
Nappa axis II perforated light frost beige leather
Nappa axis II perforated tan leather (with black accent stitching)
Nappa axis II perforated black leather (with red accent stitching)
Nappa axis II radar red perforated leather (with black accent stitching)
Capri light frost beige leather
Capri black leather

Comfort and interior room shouldn’t be the only major attributes you’re seeking from a new SUV. You’re also going to want several convenience features, and those are certainly included in the Durango. The class-exclusive Rotary E-Shift is the highlight of the bunch, as it eases the ability to change gears.

The Durango will remember two pre-set driving preferences, so your SUV will already be set up to your ideal configuration. Meanwhile, the keyless Enter ‘N Go makes operating your vehicle a breeze, and it also assures that no one else will be driving your new ride.

Enough Technology to Keep Everyone Entertained


Let’s not forget about the infotainment systems included in your interior, which will certainly improve the overall drive experience. Via the Uconnect 8.4 NAV system, drivers can access an extensive navigation system, satellite radio, and even Yelp (allowing them to find restaurants or nearby businesses). The system is compatible with iPhones, and it also offers a WiFi hotspot, the Uconnect 911 system, a Theft Alarm Notification, Roadside Assistance, and Stolen Vehicle Assistance. The technology can even provide real-time updates on sports scores and weather!

We know it can be difficult to rely solely on the radio to entertain your occupants (especially the younger passengers). By opting for the available class-exclusive nine-inch dual-screen Blu-Ray and DVD Entertainment System (with High-Definition Media Interface), you can keep your children occupied for hours. The screens even provide input jacks to connect a gaming system! Your rear occupants will never be bored again.

Both of these technologies can be enjoyed via the BeatsAudio Premium Sound System, which provides occupants with nine speakers, a subwoofer, and a 12-channel, 506-watt amplifier.

We’re not finished with the Durango’s innovative, interactive screens. The Durango also features a class-exclusive seven-inch Driver Information Digital Cluster Display. The customizable unit allows the driver to access fuel economy, vehicle diagnostics, vehicle status, and warning indicators.

Occupants will always be able to stay on the grid with the Durango. The vehicle provides an available WiFi Hotspot, as well as Bluetooth connectivity. The HDMI and USB ports found throughout the cabin will allow everyone’s phone to always stay charged, and the power outlet will allow occupants to use their laptops.

Powerful Engine Options


Each of the available engine options that accompany the Durango are are unmatched in regards their reliability and capabilities. The award-winning 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 is the most fuel-economic of the two, delivering a 27 highway mile per gallon efficiency. This unit can also pump out 295 horsepower and 260 pounds-feet of torque, both very respectable numbers.

On the flip side, 5.7-liter Hemi V8 is significantly more powerful. You can expect 360 horsepower and 390 pounds-feet of torque, numbers that practically go unmatched among SUVs. Thanks to the Variable Valve Timing, the Fuel Saver Technology, and the eight-speed automatic transmission, owners can still expect the unit to deliver a 22 highway mpg… a number that’s best-in-class among V8s.

A Plethora of Safety Features


With more than 60 standard or available safety features, you can be assured that you and your passengers will be receiving maximum protection via the SUV. The vehicle’s been specifically designed to minimize injuries in the case of a collision. The seven advanced airbags will keep all parts of the body safe, and the active front head restraints will help prevent whiplash or other neck injuries. Of course, the hope is that the vehicle’s occupants will feel little impact from the collision, as the steel body and frame are intended to protect the occupants during a crash. Furthermore, the exterior crumple zones were designed to absorb all of the energy during impact.

There are plenty of technological features that should help prevent an accident from occurring in the first place. For example, the Forward Collision Warning technology (with Active Braking) will anticipate an accident and adjust the brakes accordingly. Meanwhile, the Back-Up Assistance (which contains the ParkSenes Rear Park Assist System and the ParkView Rear Back-Up Camera) should help prevent those pesky fender benders.

Other technological features include the Blind Spot Monitoring system, Electronic Stability Control, and an advanced braking system. The Durango even offers rain-sensing wipers!

If you are in an accident, the Uconnect Roadside and Emergency Assistance will help send emergency personnel as soon as possible. Of course, considering the number of safety features, we’d hope that the assistance would be unnecessary.


Believe it or not, we haven’t even touched on the Durango’s best attribute: the price. Despite being Dodge’s “most expensive SUV,” the vehicle still starts at a very-affordable $30,495. We’ve seen that the Durango can deliver an unmatched combination of interior luxury, comfort, and convenience, and the engineers even included an unrivaled engine.

When it’s all laid out in front of you, you’ll understand that the decision really isn’t that difficult. Of course, if you change your mind and decide that you want one of the company’s sports cars, well, that’s a whole other discussion…

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