The Ram ProMaster: Helping Small Businesses Achieve Even More

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We talk a lot about Dodge Ram trucks around here, and for good reason. This Dodge Ram Miami dealership has a strong belief that Dodge Ram trucks are the very best on the market. From performance, capability, quality, and reliability – Ram pickup trucks hit the nail on the head every time. Dodge Ram has another integral part of its lineup, that in our opinion, doesn’t get talked about nearly enough.

The Dodge Ram ProMaster is the answer to all of your small business needs. Whether you are cleaning houses, catering food, or delivering flowers – the Ram ProMaster is the perfect solution. Not only is this truck backed by the Dodge Ram name, it is also incredibly affordable, starting at just $27,040. Small businesses are the bread and butter of the United States, and they are being fueled by the Ram ProMaster truck. For that reason alone, we have decided to dedicate an entire blog post to the incredible value the Ram ProMaster can bring to your small business, and what other small business owners are using their ProMaster to accomplish.

Ram ProMaster – Much More Than a Van

Yes, the Ram ProMaster is considered a van. But saying that this piece of machinery is “just a van,” is doing it a  big disservice. The Ram ProMaster is available in fourteen different configurations, various trims, and will give you endless opportunities to grow your small business.

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For years, the ProMaster has been sold in numerous countries across Europe. The popularity and accessibility was so enormous, that the brand brought it stateside. Not only is the ProMaster functional, it also offers the maneuverability of a car, exceptional fuel efficiency, and an interior volume that is unmatched by any of the competition. The ProMaster isn’t just helping small businesses achieve success, it is also being used across the United States with the U.S. Postal Service. For it’s third year on the market in America, the Ram ProMaster is still offering the same value to business owners, with even more interior space and options.

Everything You Need to Know

The 2016 Ram ProMaster features a powerful 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine, that makes an impressive 280 horsepower. Paired with a six-speed automatic transmission, the ProMaster is responsive in various driving situations. Drivers are also able to choose a 4-cylinder diesel engine, which makes 174 horsepower, but features more torque than the conventional gasoline engine. Equipped with a class-exclusive front wheel drive system, the 2016 Ram ProMaster can tow up to 5,100 pounds, and has a payload capacity of 4,280 pounds. Essentially, the ProMaster can handle anything your small business has to throw at it, or more appropriately, throw in it.

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Two of the Ram ProMaster models feature a small interior with a flatbed in the back. These models, the Chassis Cab and the Cutaway, are essential to the lineup – but our focus today will be on the ProMaster van models.

The 2016 ProMaster Cargo Van starts at just $28,970, and can haul a max payload of 4,420 pounds. The six-speed automatic transmission is standard on this model, as is the best-in-class standard V6 engine. The ProMaster Cargo Van features over 460 cubic feet of interior cargo capacity, and comes with 16″ high performance Brembo brakes. The rear doors on the ProMaster Cargo Van feature 260-degree openings, which allow the driver to essentially fold the rear doors flat against the sides of the van. This helps with accessibility and ease of loading larger items. After all, what’s the point of having a large interior cargo space, if you can’t even access it properly?

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The next ProMaster trim level is the Window Van, which starts at $33,255. This version of the ProMaster is new for 2016, and features side black-out windows from the front to the back of the van. The ProMaster Window Van has the same towing and payload capacity, and offers long-lasting Brembo Brake Pads as standard equipment. The standard electronic stability control helps you keep control of your vehicle, even when it is loaded at full payload capacity. As is standard on all ProMaster models, the front seat offers room for up to three passengers.


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For drivers who want their Ram ProMaster to feel more like a car, optional heated seats, Bluetooth capabilities, parking sensors, a rear view camera, and a navigation system, are all available to add. The Premium Appearance Group gives the ProMaster a more polished look with a chrome grille and fog lamps, while the Convenience Group adds an overhead cargo shelf, a locking glove box, and an under the seat storage tray. The Cargo Convenience Group is another option, which adds tie down loops to the cargo area, along with a cargo net.

See it in Action

There are countless examples of how small business owners throughout the United States are taking advantage of the affordability of the 2016 Ram ProMaster to grow their business.

‘Be Bold Crew’ in Detroit

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One example of the ProMaster at work, comes from a small business in the city of Detroit. Terra Castro is the founder of “Be Bold Crew,” a Detroit-based business that is focused on fitness. Specifically, the company works to empower athletes in their life and sport, to “Be Bold.” Castro purchased a Ram ProMaster to help promote her small business, which she lovingly calls her “Be Bold Bus.”

The community-focused movement brings all ages of athletes, with varying degrees of athletic ability, together as a community. Castro uses her Ram ProMaster as a mobile gym of sorts – “So much of our community doesn’t have access to the equipment or have hte funds to join a gym. I wanted to bring training to the people of our city, so I leaped.” Her leap of faith led her to the Ram ProMaster, which she uses as a mobile “pop-up training vehicle.” Trading in her car for the new Ram ProMaster, Castro opened her mobile gym, and has been running her successful business endeavor ever since.

Terra Castro’s story is just one of the number of ways that small business leaders across the United States are using the Ram ProMaster to run their business. From local bakeries delivering orders to customers, to flower shops spreading joy throughout their community – the Ram ProMaster truly knows no limits.

Ram ProMaster, DiveMaster

The SEMA Show in Las Vegas earlier this month had a ton of incredible concept vehicles on display. Fiat-Chrysler brought their own unique take on the Ram ProMaster to the aftermarkets show, with the ProMaster City DiveMaster. This ProMaster is outfitted to be a diving support vehicle, and while it can’t actually go underwater, the deep-sea paint job, special shelving units, spray-in bedliner, and custom racks for SCUBA gear, definitely help the ProMaster become the DiveMaster.

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The SEMA Show is not meant to showcase the most practical use of a vehicle, and this version of the ProMaster certainly does not appeal to the masses. However, the DiveMaster is a great way to showcase that the ProMaster can be used in various ways, and is perfect for helping you get the job done, whatever that job may be.

Whether you have a small business, or are merely interested in the different ways that Dodge Ram is helping to equip small business leaders for success, one thing is for certain – the Ram ProMaster lineup is helping leaders accomplish their dreams for their small businesses all across America.


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