Mopar Shows Off RAM Rebel X in Vegas

November 10th, 2015 by

Mopar - RAM Rebel X

The RAM 1500 Rebel is RAM’s jump into the over-the-top world of offroad-ready pickup trucks. Made to compete against Ford’s popular Raptor pickup, the RAM Rebel is made for the pickup lover who wants more extreme styling and capabilities.

But what if you want to take the RAM Rebel to a whole new extreme? Mopar, the parts and service arm of Chrysler brands, is showing off new exterior customization options and performance parts available for the RAM Rebel at this year’s SEMA in Las Vegas. While not an entirely new model, Mopar is calling its customized truck “RAM Rebel X.”

RAM Rebel X: What’s Included

While the base Rebel has the x-factor that separates it from most trucks, Mopar’s new add-ons give actually makes a ton of cosmetic and performance changes to give Rebel owners one of the best trucks money can buy, and unlike any other Dodge RAM in Miami.


The first thing you’ll notice about the Rebel X is the bright and beautiful copper paint job. The Rebel has previously been seen sporting a bright red exterior, but Mopar’s exclusive copper exterior fits the Rebel X perfectly.

Moving to the front, the large RAM logo is seen painted in a satan black, a change from the original silver matte finish on the base Rebel. In addition, a matte black hood stripl has been to give the Rebel X extra flare when compared to the original model.

Along the side of the Rebel X exterior is a blue tracer accent, another added piece of flare that looks great when combined with Mopar’s copper paint job. Even the 17-inch cast-aluminum wheels are outlined in copper to match the truck’s metallic exterior.

Lastly, the exterior features a soft, tri-fold tonneau cover that would theoretically keep the Rebel X’s bed nice and clean.


While Mopar’s main focus for the Rebel X was the exterior flare and performance enhancements, the interior did receive a few upgrades worth noting. The standard seats have been replaced with prototype Katzkin leather seats that feature an embroidered silver “Rebel” logo with a blue “X” that matches the exterior blue tracer.

Copper stitching along the armrest and steering wheel was added to match Mopar’s exterior copper paint job, another small but nice touch to the interior. To wrap up the interior, Mopar added custom door sills, all-weather slush mats, and an aftermarket pedal kit.


The standard RAM Rebel is essentially a RAM 1500 that’s been customized to offer better offroad performance. These are the types of things you’ll typically find hardcore enthusiasts doing to their trucks with aftermarket parts, but something RAM felt they could offer straight from the factory.

For even better overall performance, Mopar has added a cat-back exhaust system to provide drivers with a more enhanced soundtrack, as well as a minor performance upgrade, from the truck’s massive 5.7-liter V8 engine.

In addition, a performance cold-air intake was added to replace the stock intake found in the standard Rebel model. This provides for better sound, better performance, and better fuel efficiency from the Rebel X.

Mopar finished off the Rebel X by adding a concept air-ride suspension to the customized truck. Meant to smooth out the ride over tough terrain, there aren’t many details out about changes made from the suspension featured on the base Rebel.


Looking at the Rebel and Rebel X side-by-side, you wouldn’t think a lot has changed, but Mopar managed to add plenty of noteworthy features to help Rebel owners further stand out from the crowd.

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