Regular, Crew or Quad Cab, Which Do You Need For Your Ram 1500?

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As a company that specializes in trucks, Ram offers consumers a variety of choices when deciding on what their truck needs. Engine varieties, drivetrains, axle ratios colors and cab sizes are all options, and when deciding the specs for a light-duty Ram 1500, there are three available cab options, the crew cab, quad cab and regular cab. When it comes down to determining which of the three available cab sizes is best for a buyer, buyers should think about the amount of interior space they need, what truck trim they want, as well as price.

Trims and Bed Sizes

The Ram 1500 comes with plenty of trim options and three different bed length options. The crew cab is available with the 5’7” or 6’4” truck bed, the quad cab is only available with a 6’4” truck bed and the regular cab is available with a 6’4” or 8’ truck bed.

Some of the most popular trims on the Ram 1500 lineup include the Tradesman, Express, Big Horn, Rebel, Sport, Night, Laramie, Laramie Longhorn and Limited, but there are also a few limited edition trim options as well.

Interior Cab Dimensions and Truck Bed Options

Size is important. Is the truck just going to be used to get to work or will there be friends, family and work buddies in the truck? Also, are you a tall driver? Here are the specs of each of the three cab sizes offered by Ram. The biggest cab option is the crew cab! Plenty of space for cargo and passengers if that is what you need.

Regular Cab

The regular cab is a two-door three-passenger truck cabin. There is 39.9 in of headroom, 41 inches of legroom, 66 inches of shoulder room and 62.9 of front hip room. The regular cab is available with a 6’4” truck bed or 8’ truck bed.

Quad Cab

The quad cab has seating for six passengers. Front seat passengers have 41 inches of legroom, 41 inches of headroom and 63.2 inches of hip room. Second-row passengers have 39.7 inches of head room, 34.7 inches of legroom and 62.9 inches of hip room.

Crew Cab

The crew cab is the biggest truck cab on the Ram 1500 lineup and it has seating for six passengers,  but there is a five passenger option for those who don’t need the extra seat. In the crew cab,  front passengers have the same amount of space as the quad cab, which is 41 inches of headroom, 41 inches of legroom and 63.2 inches of hip room. However, in the crew cab, back seat passengers have 39.9 inches of headroom, 40.3 inches of legroom and 63.2 inches of hip room, which is a few extra inches of legroom and slightly more hip room.


At the end of the day price matters. What is your budget? The numbers below reflect the base model Ram 1500 Tradesman.

Regular cab: $26,495

Quad Cab: $30,595

Crew Cab: $32,995

Basically, if you don’t need much room and have a tighter budget, the regular cab would be a great choice! If you need as much space as possible and you have a flexible budget, then go with the crew cab. But if you need something smack dab in the middle, the quad cab is your option.

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