The 2016 Dodge Dart Has The Best Technology In Its Class

Dodge Dart

The 2016 Dodge Dart could be considered a computer on wheels, and Dodge boasts that this car has the most advanced technology to date. With a touchscreen, a digital cluster display, real-time information, voice commands, USB ports, and a slew of other state-of-the-art technological features; their boast appears to be justified. A number of these features are only class-exclusive, making this Dart at Dodge Miami dealerships even more one of a kind. The technology gets even better the higher the trim, and the Dart Limited is the pinnacle of modern technology in a car.

8.4-inch Touchscreen

Dodge Dart Interior

The 8.4-inch Uconnect touchscreen is probably the most advanced touchscreen of its time. This is the outlet through which all the other features inside the cab work, and it doesn’t let you down. It has a remote USB port, SD card slot, audio input jack, and features like Bluetooth Streaming Audio, Voice Command, Hands-Free Calling, and Voice Text Reply. Making connecting and commanding your phone a breeze, all while keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

The Real-Time features that pair with the touchscreen are noteworthy as well, and a never-before-seen feature in the car market. With updates that keep you up to speed, you can get the latest information on traffic, movies, weather, sports, or gas.

Important Information

The available SiriusXM Traffic is able to provide highly accurate and real-time traffic updates. It works with the GPS in order to provide you with the fastest route possible. Dodge isn’t joking about real-time updates either, they mean minute-minute updates for information on anything from traffic jams and accidents to scheduled road closings. Whatever the case, SiriusXM Traffic will make sure you are prepared for anything that comes your way.

Along with this impressive traffic feature, you can also get updates on the weather. Going on a long road-trip? Perfect, this feature can make sure you won’t get surprised by a spontaneous storm that might come and rain on your parade. Tanking up is easy on a longer road-trip is well, the Travel Link from SiriusXM will provide real-time information about gas station prices and locations near you. This will let the Dart find the best prices around, even if it’s an unfamiliar area.

For-Fun Information

On the entertainment side of things, sports and movie updates are an added plus. No need to miss game day anymore, the Dart can provide you with live scoring updates for whatever team you follow. The movie updates are an interesting feature, but have the potential to be spontaneously helpful on an impromptu night out. The SiriusXM Travel Link will tell you where the nearest theaters are, along with the latest showtimes.

Working in tandem with SiriusXM’s various features, the tReal-Time technology allows you to stay up to date on information that is beneficial on and off the road. This technology makes the Dodge Dart one of the more informative vehicles on the road as well.

Digital Gauges

Dodge Dart Navigation

Because the Dodge Dart is the most technologically advanced car in its class, it’s no surprise the Dart has a 7-inch customizable digital cluster display, with all the information being presented in vivid and colorful detail. The digital display can instantly alert you to low tire pressure, low oil, and the other standard warnings that pop up in cars. But, the Darts display does it better, and the digital display makes these alerts pop out even more.

For the fuel economy, the Dodge Dart presents it in illustrations that provide an entertaining and accurate representation of the fuel being spent or saved during your drive. The turn-by-turn navigation system is able to display where you are going right inside the gauge cluster. Allowing you to keep your eyes in the direction of the road while trying to follow the navigation.

A lot of these features wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t a digital display. Even simple choices like having an analog or digital speedometer would be outside the realm of possibility. The customization options and digital display technology not only make this one of the most advanced digital clusters on the market, but one of the most versatile as well.

Navigation Capability

The 2016 Dodge Dart offers some of the most capable navigation in its class. The navigation on the Dodge Dart goes just beyond giving you directions and pinpointing your location, it also provides lane assist and junction view for those longer trips on the highway. With lane assist technology, the Dart takes the stress off of deciding which lane you need to be in during upcoming junctions. Allowing you to focus more on the safety of you and others instead of which lane to pick. Working with the lane assist technology, the junction view will pop up on the screen as you get closer to a junction. This view allows you and expanded and more detailed version of where you are, in order to get help get you where you are going.

The navigation in the Dart also offers an audible option, so you can listen to as well as look at the directions the GPS technology is providing you.

Radio and Sound System

The Radio 8.4 is one of the more impressive ones out there. Through the touchscreen, the radio is able to utilize features like SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Bluetooth Streaming Audio, an AM/FM radio, an MP3 player, a remote USB port, along with an SD card slot and an audio input jack. This radio is ready for whatever type of music you want to throw at it. Whether it’s through your phone wirelessly, an iPod through an audio jack, or browsing the radio options, the Dart will play it all through a sound system that could be used in a night-club.

The available 506-watt 9 speaker Alpine Sound System will deliver crystal clear performance no matter what outlet it’s being played through.

The Computer On Wheels

The technology in the 2016 Dodge Dart is some of the most advanced out there, and the amount of technology in it makes it closer to a computer on wheels than a car. Best part is, all this technology comes at a decent price too.

The base trim starts at $16,995, whereas the Limited trim comes in at $24,395 and includes all the features mentioned above. A modest price for a car that has been ranked as the most technologically advanced one in its class.