THE EDAG Genesis Cockpit Concept at Geneva

March 7th, 2014 by

Genesis Cockpit at Geneva

Usually, as we peruse the web to see what is new at auto shows, we get an equal share of production debuts and concepts. The Geneva Motor Show has brought us something a little bit out of the ordinary, though. German engineering group EDAG stripped down things even further to imagine a future car cockpit. It is wild, but it is smart too, as it allows the company to show off its next-gen manufacturing technology and make parts in a single production process. As a Dodge Miami, FL dealer, we see our fair share of technological advances in the cars here at our dealer, but concepts are always fun!

EDAG says that the cockpit’s design was inspired by a turtle’s skeleton, which is interesting in itself, but that it features a protective shell on the outside to support the fragile parts inside. It is made using a technique known as fused deposition modeling, which is like the bigger cousin to 3D printing. Robots laid down layer after layer of thermoplastic in order to create this impressively complex shape. Thermoplastic isn’t the only option though, as EDAG says it could also be done with carbon fiber to offer the combination of stretch and lightness.

Even the company will admit that this technology is very much in its infancy, though. Large-scale industrial production in this method is far, far away, but not impossible. EDAG believes that fused deposition modeling could revolutionize the auto industry by allowing new, stronger designs. It isn’t a car today, but be on the look out tomorrow, because sooner or later we will have cars with this next-gen technology on the streets! Check out the concept more below:

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