The Minivan gets Stow ‘n’ Go Seating Makeover

January 6th, 2014 by

 Dodge dealer FL

As a Dodge dealer in FL, we will be the first ones to admit that minivans have a bad reputation. We will also be the first one to tell you how incredibly wrong the ugly rumors surrounding the controversial “soccer mom” vehicle really are. Minivans are a lot like drinking coffee. Those who have never had coffee have nothing but negative things to say about it: “Coffee is bitter;” “Coffee has no flavor;” “Coffee is too hot.” In reality, if this person had ever sipped on a cup of coffee, their mind would likely be changed. Minivan critics are typically the people who have never owned one. In all reality, minivans are the most convenient, spacious, and enjoyable to drive than any other vehicle on the road. Don’t believe us? Come down and test drive the award winning Dodge Caravan and then tell us what you think. Come on, we dare you…

Dodge has been turning out minivans as fast as converted drivers will buy them up. They have room for all the kids and their friends, all the groceries and camping equipment you can dig out of your garage, and on top of it all – they get great gas mileage. The Dodge Grand Caravan has had Chrysler’s “Stow ‘n’ Go” seating since 2005, and since has been improved in 2008. Most recently, Chrysler has officially patented the famously brilliant seat system, with more improvements than ever before. The newest version allows storage in the second row of seats, without needing to move the front seats up as much as before. With no official word on when the new Stow ‘n’ Go seats will debut, the innovation will most likely be incorporated into the next-generation of the Dodge Grand Caravan that is expected in 2015. We can’t wait to see the new seats, and have you see how impressive a minivan can actually be.

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