Dodge Dakota Return In the Near Future?

January 5th, 2023 by

2011 Dodge Dakota Kendall Dodge

For many shoppers, the prevalence of electric vehicles is not only a startling discovery for the future but also something to manage in terms of expectations that gasoline vehicles are on their way out. As such, Dodge builds performance-oriented vehicles and carved out a unique car manufacturer fanbase. The brand remains committed to a full lineup of powerful, speed-demon (literally) performance cars, more than any brand for Stellantis. The Hellcat trims are provided for every Dodge product including the muscle combo the Dodge Charger and Challenger as well as the Dodge Durango SUV that carries the Hellcat trim perks that output high horsepower and torque, making each among the fastest vehicles in their individual classes. Now, could Dodge opt to bring back a former nameplate to help drive sales in an old segment they currently don’t have? We know their plans less than a couple years back suggested they wouldn’t due to the success of the Ram TRX. But, that doesn’t stop artists from generating images that sometimes draw attention from fans and Dodge might start to notice eventually and perhaps make an effort. Dodge gave the Dakota nameplate to fellow Stellantis brand Ram, but that doesn’t run out the possibility; at least in the United States. 

Speed and Power Go Hand and Hand

Regarding the mid-size pickup market that the Dodge brand currently doesn’t tap into any longer, but some believe this could be an area Dodge ventures into. Rendering a more traditional ‘Dodge Ram Dakota with an “SRT” flare, artists render images showcasing the digital versions of the classic Ram 1500 mixed with the Dakota pickup truck. Could Dodge come up with a supercharged 6.2-Liter HEMI Hellcat V8 engine in a Durango-based truck? This is the thought behind such a reinvention to create a track-ready supercharger truck. We know the future of Dodge won’t come as a shock to readers that know the coming changes to the Dodge brand, but what if and would they?

Future Dodge Dakota Hellcat?

We’ve recently seen a different CGI take by a virtual automotive artist that brought back the vision for the Dodge Ram Dakota Hellcat mixed with Ramcharger V8 SUV. Keep in mind, the first version of the Dodge Ramcharger was a full-size two-door SUV competing with the likes of the contemporary Chevy K5 Blazer and Ford Bronco.

With a long production run from 1974 through 1993 in the United States and in Mexico with a third-generation built running from 1999-2001 created on the short wheelbase Dodge D Series/Ram pickup truck platform. Stellantis as part of their portfolio can say they built a Plymouth Trail Duster sibling, the latter brand’s only SUV.

Will Dodge go out of their way to create a new kind of monster? They can certainly try to enter the pickup segment again and time will tell if they can enjoy another successful run, but if there’s one thing we know, that pickup will be the fastest among the segment, undoubtedly. The height for the Dakota was at the start of the century as the vehicle sold more than 177,394 vehicles in 2000 alone. The Ram brand has unleashed a version of the Dakota found in some Middle Eastern countries as the Ram 1200. The twenty-five year run was an accomplishment, but if all goes well, we will be seeing and experiencing a lengthy new run all its own. For those who want to begin the buying process, visit with us at Kendall Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram.