Cummins is Now Building Trucks With Electric Powertrains

cummins electric engine

Technology, innovation and empower is what we do. The trucking industry was built on the back of Cummins.” – Tom Linebarger, Cummins’ Chairman and CEO

In just a few years (around 2019), consumers may be getting their first glimpse at all-electric trucks and commercial vehicles powered by an all-electric powertrain made by Cummins, a brand known for building some of the strongest and most reliable diesel engines for decades.  

According to AutoGuide, Cummins launched its electric unit earlier this year and the timing is seems right. The industry’s steady decrease in costs to produce electric vehicles along with the industry’s increase in demand for electric powertrains, though slow, makes this a great time for Cummins to experiment and perfect producing electric powertrains. [click to continue…]


Father’s Day Gift Ideas Under $100 for Pickup Dad’s

fathers day truck gifts

If you are still scrambling to find your pickup truck-loving dad a Father’s Day gift, listen up! This guide to the best truck accessories for every type of dad will be a lot of help and none of these items cost more than $100.

*Quick Tip: If the gift won’t be there by Sunday, just print out a picture of the gift you ordered and give it to him in a card.

Dad That Owns a Truck for Work

Does your dad use a truck for work? Whether he is a delivery dude, construction worker, or other type of handyman, he needs to stay organized and likely carry some cargo! These four items will serve him well.

  • A seat organizer is available from several brands and hangs on the front seat facing the back row of the truck. The organizer is great because it can hold files, tools, or any extra cargo you don’t need to keep in the truck bed. These cost roughly $40.00.   
  • Mobile desks are great to write notes and/or use a laptop (while parked of course). There are several kinds of these desks. Some are on a stand, others connect to the steering wheel. Regardless the price range is between $25 – $100 depending on which you purchase.  

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Ram or Chevy? For the Last 3 Months It’s Been Ram Trucks

ram vs chevy

Ram or Chevy trucks? For the last three months sales have declared Ram trucks to be the winner. What makes Ram trucks so good? Check out these top five reasons to choose a Ram 1500 over a Chevy Silverado 1500 as your next pickup.

  • Price! Everyone likes a good price. The Ram 1500 MSRP is just $26,495 compared to the Silverado’s $27,785. If you are interested in fully loaded highest trim level Ram 1500 you will be paying in the low-$60,000 range, but if you want the highest trim level fully loaded Silverado you will pay roughly $70,000.
  • Interior style and comfort is important. According to U.S. News the Ram 1500 has the nicest interior in the game. Standard bucket seats, soft cloth seats or upgraded leather, and plenty of space are just a few of the features that make the interior so nice.

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Ram 1500 Tradesman – Make it Bigger, Badder, Better!

Ram 1500 Tradesman truck mods

The Ram 1500 Tradesman is the perfect work vehicle. It is capable, durable and comfortable. It is also affordable and a great truck that anyone on a budget can purchase and slowly make mods to overtime. If this sounds like you, read on, and check out some affordable mods to add even more capability to your Ram 1500 Tradesman.


A performance chip can do several things for your vehicle that are all beneficial. The chip doesn’t necessarily add horsepower to your vehicle, but it allows the vehicle to perform to its highest ability (beyond the factory settings). In addition, adding a performance chip to your truck will allow for cleaner emissions and possibly even better fuel economy. Therefore, the chip allows you to tap into the vehicle’s capabilities and have more power than previously, but does so while being better for the environment.

Adding a cold air intake system is a great way to add horsepower to your vehicle without burning a large hole in your pocket. At most, a cold air intake can cost about $250, but that is on the higher end of the price scale. Depending on the cold air intake your purchase, you can add up to 50 horses to your Tradesman, which is a pretty significant amount.

If you choose to replace your truck’s headers and exhaust, you can add horsepower and make it sound awesome. Replacing your truck’s stock headers and exhaust likely doesn’t add more than 25 horses to your truck, but if you add that gain in horsepower in addition to to the cold air intake and performance chip, you have definitely made your truck more powerful. Plus, what truck driver doesn’t want to be heard coming down the road?

Off-Road Capability

When you think of off-roading, the first feature of a truck you think of is probably tires and wheels. If you plan to off road or just want to add a little more capability, replacing a truck’s stock tires with bigger off-road tires is a great way to immediately feel a difference on the road. While it is always nice to get off-road tires on a new truck, adding them after you purchase your truck might save you a lot of money, so explore your options.   

Suspension and/or lift kits are another fantastic way to add capability to your truck. An upgraded suspension will allow you to increase your ground clearance, which is awesome for those who hard core off-road or rock crawl. If you just need a lift to add those bigger tires on, a standard lift kit will do the trick!

Interested in a Ram 1500 Tradesman to add these or any other modifications to? Check out our inventory at Kendall Ram here.


Ram Trucks We Miss – Which Are Your Favorites?

There have been some awesome Ram trucks throughout the history of Ram and going back to the Dodge Ram days. Right now, Ram has a huge lineup of 1500, 2500, 3500, and commercial vans and trucks available. However, it is fun to take a trip down memory lane and think about all the awesome trucks in Rams past. Let’s take a look.

Dodge Ram Dakota

dodge dakota kendall ram

The Dodge Ram Dakota also known as the Ram Dakota was around for three generations. The first generation began in 1987 and the final year for production was not too long ago in 2011. According to rumors, the Dodge Ram Dakota may be coming back in the near future. Regardless, we loved this Dodge Ram truck as did many others.

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Road Trips are Easier with these Ten Items

things to bring on a road trip

Summer is right around the corner, and for many of us that means road trips! If you are planning a road trip this summer, read on. These ten items are worth the investment before a road trip.

  • Cooler – A cooler is great for road trips. Soft side coolers are easily packed in cars and don’t take up too much room.
  • Snacks/drinks – This is a given! Fill up that cooler mentioned above and stay on the road for as long as possible without stopping for food and drinks.
  • GPS/maps – Yes, we know, you have your phone, but what if you lose service? Having an external GPS system or paper map can come in handy in areas of low to no cell service.
  • Audio books, CDs, music playlists – These are some things to keep you entertained during the drive! Services like Audible and Spotify are great for road trip playlists.
  • First aid kit – This is something to always have in your car, but especially for long road trips. Just in case of an emergency (big or small) you want to be prepared.

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Kentucky Derby and Ram Trucks Gave Away a Special Edition 2500 Truck

 ram 2500 and kentucky derby

This year’s Kentucky Derby was the eighth year that the Ram brand was the official automotive partner of Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby and this year Ram provided the trainer (Todd Pletcher) of the winning horse (Always Dreaming) with a one-of-a-kind special 143rd Kentucky Derby edition Ram 2500 Limited truck.

143rd Kentucky Derby Ram 2500 Limited Truck

  • Unique Brilliant Black color with blue Kentucky Derby 143rd logos on the left and right rear door panels.
  • Hand-painted Kentucky Derby Rose badge on the front grille.
  • Ram 2500 Limited: the Limited is the nicest trim level the 2500 comes in. Standard features of this truck include leather seats, a leather wrapped steering wheel, wood interior accents, 20-inch painted aluminum wheels, and much more.
  • The value of this truck starts around $57,775 without any of the special edition features.

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There is a Good Possibility of a Ram 1500 Mega Cab in the Near Future

ram 1500 mega cab

The Ram mega cab is one of the biggest truck cabs in the auto industry. The mega cab is awesome for families, a crew of workers and for those who need a lot of cargo space in the truck cab. Unfortunately the mega cab configuration is not currently available on Ram’s light duty truck lineup, but it might be available in the future.

Truck Trend spotted Ram testing out a new light-duty Ram 1500 and the photos look like the truck had a mega cab. Here is what we know so far: [click to continue…]


3 Tips to Clean Your Power Wagon After Mudding

Ram Power Wagon wash after mudding

Just get back from tearing up the mud in your Ram Power Wagon? If not, maybe you need a Ram Power Wagon? Regardless, did you know it is important to wash your vehicle as soon as possible after mudding? Simply hosing it off isn’t enough. We know, leaving the mud on is a badge of honor and washing it is a pain, but mud can actually damage your truck if left on. Follow this simple guide after mudding!

  • Clean EVERYTHING from the top of the truck down to the undercarriage and wheel wells. Don’t miss anything and be sure to focus on these areas: under the car, the wheels, the brake’s mechanical parts as well as the wheel wells, and the engine compartment.
  • Consider cleaning the truck with a power washer. The water pressure from a normal hose sometimes isn’t enough to remove all of the mud. The more powerful the water stream, the better. An alternative to a power washer is bringing the vehicle to a professional car wash to let professionals handle it!

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New Ram 1500 Colors Make Lineup More Bold and Unique

ram 1500 special edition trucks at kendall ram

Ram knows that truck drivers love trucks that stand out from the other trucks on the road, so they are always offering new colors and trims to keep their lineup unique and fresh. Ram’s  newest additions to the lineup debuted at the New York International Auto Show and they include the new Ram 1500 Sublime Sport and Ram 1500 Rebel Blue Streak.

The Ram 1500 Sublime Sport is dressed head to “tow” (pun intended) in a bright-green color with black accents. Check out all of the features below and let us know what you think!

  • Black logos, badging, and Ram’s head grille badge.
  • Black 22-inch aluminum wheels.
  • Sport performance hood.
  • Lime green interior stitching.
  • Sport leather seats.
  • Ram’s head logo embroidered onto headrests.
  • Lime green sport badge on glove compartment door.
  • Slate gray accents on the doors, center console, instrument panel, and gauge cluster trim rings.

Only 3,000 Ram 1500 Sublime Sport models will be made, so you’ll know they’ll be a fairly rare sight on the street. MSRP starts at $45,740 and the models will start showing up at dealerships in May 2017.

Also new to the lineup is the new Rebel Blue Streak package and the new Rebel Blue Streak has more than just a special blue color.

Features of the Blue Streak:

  • Blue streak exterior paint (of course).
  • Can be ordered with the Rebel Black appearance packages (Sport performance hood, black grille, black wheels, black badging).
  • Black interior bezels on doors, center console, and gauge cluster.
  • Slate gray accent stitching throughout the interior.
  • Deep rubber floor mats with Ram’s head logo.

The Rebel Blue Streak is available on all Ram 1500 Rebel configurations and has a starting MSRP of $45,095. The new Rebel Blue Streak models will be available in May 2017.

Keep a lookout for this awesome Ram at Kendall Ram over the next couple months, and check out our current inventory of unique Ram trucks here.

Photo source: Motor Trend